Dear partners,

Less than two months left from seeing us at the VI Meeting of Young Researchers, we send you this last Notice with information of your interest.

It has been intense months of work and effort on our part – with the collaboration of several institutions – as well as Panel-Workshop and Scriptoria coordinators, without forgetting the participants who have sent texts. Thus, we hope that the Meeting will develop properly the next 6, 7 and 8 September. We inform you about the following issues

First, here is the official poster of the VI Meeting

Then, we offer you a series of sheets with useful information for the meeting: the spaces where each activity will take place, how to get around Zaragoza, information about the exhibition that you can visit during the days of the Meeting, as well as the historical route scheduled for Wednesday 6th:

  • HISTORICAL ROUTE: “ZARAGOZA REBELDE” ROUTE  (the group is designed for a maximum of 35 people: those interested can reserve a place by sending us a confirmation email or signing up at the Meeting – in case there are still places –)

We also want to present the cycle of conferences and round tables we have prepared for the central days of the Meeting:

You can find additional information about each group of speakers and moderators in the following links:

We also offer the links to the Panel Workshop dossiers as well as to the Facebook pages of the Scriptoria (where each group will report which is the activity planned for the Meeting), along with more detailed reports on each of these spaces.

Lastly, it remains to be noted that the deadline for nominations to choose the place for the VII Meeting of Young Researchers in Contemporary History of the AHC, which will take place in 2019, is open. You can send us the nominations, and on September 8th, one of them will be voted. The required information can be found at the following link: Candidatura 2019

See you next September.

Kind regards,

The Organising Committee

* All documents marked with an asterisk will be delivered to you on your arrival at the Meeting.


The Organising Committee has decided to give a second and final deadline extension. Thus, the new due date for papers and Scriptoria reports is May 14th (Sunday).

This extension also affects inscriptions, which are still 15€ until May 14th. Thereafter, the inscription will be 20€, under penalty of not receiving the certificate until registration payment.

This is the last extension that the Organising Committee will allow. Papers received beyond May 14th will not be accepted.

We remind the participants that the papers sent now will not appear in the final publication, as there will be a reshaping and adjustment period to introduce changes.

We also announce that the dossiers deadline is also extended until July 9th. We remind you that these dossiers are compulsory.

We beg you to scrupulously follow these recommendations.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us:


(7th December 2016)

(Download English version) [PDF]
(Download Spanish version) [PDF]
(Download Catalonian version) [PDF]
(Download Aragonese version) [PDF]
(Download Galician version) [PDF]
(Download Basque version) [PDF]

Once the reception of paper proposals is finished, the selection process has produced the definitive list of accepted proposals, which can be found here. With this notice we publish the guidelines for Papers, Dossiers and Scriptoria. We also include information about Registration and suggestions for your accommodation during the 6th International Meeting of Young Researchers in Modern and Contemporary History, which will be hold in Zaragoza in 2017.

The papers due date is April, 21st (inclusive) and they should be sent as in duplicate by e-mail as a PDF file. One copy to the official e-mail address ( and the other to the individual Panel Workshop e-mail address. Regarding format, papers must follow the Editing Standards of Ayer and considerate the indications found in these files: [Word] [PDF].

The dossiers due date is June, 23rd (inclusive) and must be developed by each Panel Workshop. The document is mandatory and will be composed by all the papers, considering the individual philosophy of the Panel Workshop. It also needs to fulfil the following three rules:

  1. To summarize the Panel Workshop contents for any attendee to understand the general sense of each panel.

  2. To remark the agreement and disagreement points between papers. Based in this, they will propose some discussion lines.

  3. To provide any supplementary materials needed for the whole comprehension of the Panel Workshop.

We remind that these dossiers are compulsory, and that they will be posted in our website, as well as the papers. Dossiers will follow the same Editing Standards and extension limits provided for papers.

The Scriptoria report due date is April, 21st. They will have to content any project and activity planned for the meeting. Format guidelines can be found in these files: [Word] [PDF]. All Scriptoria reports will be posted in our blog.

The Registration fee is 15€ and must be processed by Friday, April 21st (inclusive). To register later will increase the fee to 20€. In both cases the bank account is: ES 26 2085 0168 5403 0001 0023 (international code Swift: CAZRES2Z). The document proving the deposit of the fee must be send by e-mail to the official e-mail address ( using this registration form. This fee includes all the meeting material, certificate of attendance, paper presentation or Panel Workshop coordination.

All other expenses will be covered by any individual attending the meeting. We offer you the following document made by some accommodation suggestions (see these files: [Word] [PDF]), and we will release more information about transport, the provisional program, included meals and the venues in the Fourth Notice.

Kind regards,
The Organising Committee.



Panel-workshop 1: Media and Literature, an interdisciplinary approach

PW 2: Population Movements in Contemporary and Recent History

PW 3Sociedades campesinas en transformación. Un siglo de crisis, conflictividad y cambios en el sur europeo (1890-1986)

PW 4: Nuevos retos en el estudio del Fascismo

PW 5: Relaciones internacionales entre Europa y América

PW 6: Identities, Nacionalization and Religion in the Modern and the Contemporary World 

PW 7: Pensar el Estado, imaginar la Nación: culturas políticas en conflicto en el siglo XIX

PW 8: Feminism and History

PW 9: Los oficios de la Historia en la Europa contemporánea (ss. XIX y XX)

PW 10: ¿Cómo pensar los problemas históricos concretos? Historia y cambio social

PW 11Transitions from Dictatorship to Democracy in XX Century 

PW 12: Oral History and Documentary Sources

PW 13: ¿El corto siglo XX? Experiencias de jóvenes investigadores desde (y hacia) un nuevo siglo

PW 14Public order, Collective action and Political violence in the Interwar Democracies

PW 15: La eclosión de la dimensión urbana: historia social y cultural de la ciudad


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Dear partners,

The day after tomorrow, September 15th 2016, the deadline to the submission of paper proposals to the “VI International Meeting of Young Researchers in Modern and Contemporary” ended.

Nevertheless we inform you that the Organising Committee has decided to extend the deadline until Sunday October 16th (inclusive).

Kind Regards
The Organising Committee.


(24th May 2016)

(Download English version) [PDF]
(Download Spanish version) [PDF]
(Download Catalonian version) [PDF]
(Download Aragonese version) [PDF]
(Download Galician version) [PDF]
(Download Basque version) [PDF]

After an intense period of merging and reshaping of the proposals, we inform you about the final list of accepted panel-workshops for the VI International Meeting of Researchers in Modern and Contemporary History.

We announce that the deadline for the submission of paper proposals will be on Sept. 15th 2016. The extension will not exceed one hundred words (in the next link [Word] [PDF] you can find the application form). You must send it to the coordinators of the panel- workshops as well as the Organising Committee ( For the coordinators, the deadline to tell the accepted proposals to the organization and participants will conclude on November 15th 2016. Seguir leyendo


Dear partners,

The reshaping and merging process of Panel-Workshops, as announced in the First Notice, has been initiated. This process will not be concluded until 10 May 2016.

We beg all Panel-Workshops affected to contact each other and/or to reformulate their proposals as soon as possible, in order to respect the planned schedule and the work of everybody else.

Kind Regards
The Organising Committee.


(Panel-workshops and Scriptoria)

Dear partners,

Today, March 1st 2016, the deadline proposed in the First Notice to the submission of panel-workshops and Scriptoria to the VI International Meeting of Young Researchers in Modern and Contemporary ended.

Nevertheless we inform you that the Organising Committee has decided to extend the deadline until Wednesday March 16th (inclusive).

Kind Regards
The Organising Committee.